23/05/06 Rainier Rogues match report

Just a short match review tonight because I have a tummy ache (hence the poor grammar) from eating too much mayo (or not washing the veg properly – I’m not quite sure, still, the important thing is that I ate salad though)

For those of you keeping up here’s a brief synopsis of what happened last night.

Match Report: 23/05/06

Rainier PR 3 Vs EMAP 1

Tough game with very little in it.

Goals: Sam Grace:

Brought the team level with surging run through the centre and a well placed goal. Bottom right I think.

Tim Hoang:

Rainier took the lead with a thunderous strike from Tim. At around the halfway line on the right hand side Tim unleashed an unstoppable shot with the out side of his right boot that blazed past two players (it is not a coincidence that I seem to remember more about my goals than other people’s and it is written like a Harry Potter book)

Chris Lee:

Mr Lee finished off the rather aggressive EMAP bunch with a strong tackle on the halfway line followed by a courageous sprint to reach the rebounding ball that was heading safely toward the keeper. For a big man he sure can move – and skilfully provided the deftest of touches (he described it as Henry-like, but then he would do) to guide the ball into the bottom right corner.

Man of the Match:

Mr Sam J Grace:

His powerful surging runs reminded those watching of an aging Roy Keane – attacking and defending in equal spades. He was always free to a pass should Tim and Paul made runs into the corner even though Tim rarely passed to him, which he complained about after. Capped off a powerhouse of a performance with a marvellously taken goal which is why he has chosen the moniker of ‘Amazing’ grace though I prefer to call him Jane – the American soccer mom.

Rainier PR 3 v Ac Acountants 1

With Tim Hoang trying to show Sven Goran Eriksson a thing or two about risk taking, the team experimented on a diamond formation, though this was as disastrous as Keegan putting Gareth Southgate in Centre Midfield for the qualifying game with Germany.  What should have been an easy victory resulted in a valiant performance by two players.

Goals: Paul Allen

Rainier Took the lead with a fantastic piece of skill by Mr Allen. Taking the ball down the left and beating a player, the angle seemed impossible. But the Plucky Paul Allen remained confident and struck the ball somehow through the Goalie (was it through his legs?).

Chris Lee (Own goal)Bless Chris Lee –honestly he worked his socks off in the first half the little fella. However his hard work was undone by an unfortunate mistake on the edge of our goalkeeper’s area that was an exact replica of his first goal for Rainier PR. His angry punch to the floor shook the ground we stood upon. I peed a little.

Paul Allen:
A counter attack with Tim Hoang bursting from the back and uncharacteristically passing the ball to Allen resulted in the coolest of finishes from the top of the Goalie’s D. The goal was celebrated with a rather uncomfortable handshake / hug that became a chest high five as seen in beach volleyball seen in the film Top Gun: “Playing with the Boys!”– what an amazing film that was.

Tim Hoang:

Another burst from Tim from the half way line on the right using the wall to great effect and beating the defender. Normally, like Wayne Rooney, it would have been a ‘just put my head down and hit is hard I can, like’, but for some reason he decided to curl it around the keeper in the bottom right with the sweetest of finishes.

Man of the Match:

A close run between Paul Allen and Chris Lee this one. Chris played intensely (whoever has seen Chris play football will know what I’m talking about) for the first half with little help from his team mates. Chris will hate me for this because it happens to a few of us every Thursday, but I think Paul deserves it just for his two fantastically well taken goals. (the own goal didn’t help either).

Couple of other points:
James Hughes played fantastically in goals on his big debut after signing on loan from Lighthouse. Looking like a cross between a concert pianist / mime artist / Michael Jackson / and a member of Nsync in his tight white gloves and cool back to front cap, he kept us in both games.

A pat on the back also goes to no show Steve Earl who made a valiant attempt to get to the games on time. We eagerly await yours and Mark’s debut next week.

Two wins out of two!


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