First day

Just finished my first day at Porter Novelli. Winding down before meeting up with Ben Matthews and Tom Malcolm for the Harvest Twestival.

Nowt really to say. As with any new job, there’s a load of reading documents, meeting loads of new people (whose names I’ll struggle to remember and like an idiot I tried to make small talk by asking them who their clients were-which i’ll inevitably get mixed up with someone else and look an idiot) and that’s it.

One of the first things i thought when i first stepped into the offices of Rainier PR was the glass reception which looked kind of like that bit in Commando (where he has the fight in the hotel room) and any other posh 80’s US apartment. The reception here is more like the the one in Die Hard-very corporate and intimdating but impressive.

There’s proper coffee every morning (And it’s free! I feel like the Queen of England) and Queensway is much nicer than the hustle and American-tourist thronged tunnel of hate that is Oxford Street.

Apart from that, things aren’t much different. there are similar processes in place as with any other agency, though i’m still getting used to the size. There’s twice as many people as Rainier PR and I’m rubbish with names. There’s also the problem of how much you socialise on your first day. You want to appear chatty but people have actually got work to do-you don’t want to disturb them or appear like you’ll just talk throughout the whole day. Nor do i want to appear like an inbred northerner with nothing to talk about but pies and coal.

I should really have ironed my shirt this morning too.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll have something proper to do.

Things i learned today:

Lotus Notes is like the email version of C&P (for all those who have ever been unfortunate enough to use either). It’s the software equivalent of using a rusty big axe to cut the crusts off a sandwich

I’m crap at small talk

I really am gonna knuckle down next weekend and get the blog sorted properly


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