Another Search Enginey post

Yeah, I know my title isn’t search friendly. But I’m not that fussed about randoms finding it, especially as it is poorly researched and it’s just me playing around with stuff…

OK so the last couple of posts have been thinking about how to incorporate SEO to PR content and is quite unrelated to what I’m actually working on in the office right now. The reason I actually got off my pert bum and started writing the blog is because the top-digi-dawg [not his proper title] at PN, Mat Morrison asked me to keep a journal on the work I was doing on our newly launched Web site. Have a look it is really neat. While you are there, have a look here and here. Not sure if many other massive corporations would have the balls to be so transparent.

I started writing for the Under Construction blog but then got bogged down with chasing people and making changes to the site and let it slide somewhat but my new found infatuation with all things SEO, neatly ties into what I want to write about.

Blogging your work: it takes three-times longer to do anything.

I’m looking at our own site and how we can make it more search engine friendly. But it’s not just the site itself, it’s our whole Web presence. PN, you, your clients, are no longer just a single corporate Web site any more.

I know this thinking sounds about two years old but I spoke to someone recently about the seeding of their ‘viral’ game. It’s aim was to raise awareness of the client and measured its success on Web traffic to the main site. Do you then discount the hundreds/thousands of people who played the game, seen the brand but not necessarily visited the site? This kind of thinking is still rife.

My old agency, Rainier PR, seems to have a struck a good balance between how their various spaces [I’m sticking with spaces, it’s probably not what the cool kids are using but it works for me] and keywords fit together. MD’s Steve Earl and Stephen Waddington have both fairly blatantly targeted the key terms “IT PR” and “Tech PR” respectively. Steve’s blog, Earlin’ Abuse: Steve Earl’s IT PR Agency Blog ranks higher for ‘IT PR’ than the Surrey-based PR agency, and direct competitor ITPR. “Count them chickens, bad boy”, as Steve would say. Wadds’ Tech PR blog needs very little introduction for the most part. See pretty pics below.

Earlin Abuse

I’m currently researching our keywords and will blog about them shortly. I’m using Raven as my primary research tool. It costs money but aspects of it you can find elsewhere for nowt.

This post is already too long. Bye.


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  1. <>

    I might say that. Probably not, but possibly while intoxicated, and anything is possible. And who needs to worry about search terms when I’m being psychologically profiled.

    Best of Bradford with the blog Tim.

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