Grouping Keywords

So we’ve got a massive list of keywords that we should be using. Just out of interest I decided to see how many phrases [theoretically at least] we could have for our site.

Using the power of maths, a few useful sites and a bit of Notepad++ wizardy [Stuart Bruce and Mat Morrison regularly harp on about the beauty of using Excel effectively. For me Notepad++ is the same – have a look here for a good guide], I’ve worked out that we have over 13 million permutations just from the core and qualifier terms.

Obviously, not all of these will be useful. Using the classic PR trick of comparing data to make it more interesting, I’ve concluded that  if each keyword variable weighed one tonne, the weight of all the keywords combined would equal that of 130,000 Boeing 757-200 or 13 million hippos.

Again, I couldn’t find any real way of grouping keywords that made any sense to me. I kind of guessed that it would be logical if we group the keywords according the web pages we would want people to land on. So using our navigation page, I’ve set it out here .

Notepad++ was great for having an idea of the different permutations. I know Yahoo pipes can pull in data from Google docs. Let’s see if it can help me create a spreadsheet for search phrases. 

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