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Using Notepad++ in SEO

OK, I’m making this as I go along, you know that, I know that. [Well I’m not, I’m researching quite a bit, but you know what I mean] But it is 7.25pm right now and I finished work and I’m allowed to waste my time as much as I want – no one’s paying me. In fact the only one who’s paying, is me when my girlfriend reads this and realises that I don’t actually have to stay late at work. But then, like most people, she probably stopped reading immediately after reading the title.

So I’ve sorted my keywords into an Excel file by the web pages. Although many people disagree as to how many keywords you should have per page, I’m trying to keep the core keywords as low as I can and then add more generic qualifiers [i.e. agency, top 10, etc] once I’ve fed them through Google Adwords again to get a good balance between which are well searched for/have low competition.

Therefore, I’m seeing more generic phrases such as “PR agency”, “global PR company”, etc for the home page while more specific terms such as “digital agency” and “healthcare PR” will lead searchers to their respective pages.

The more specific keywords, the less traffic you will get. However, the more specific the keyword, the more relevant the traffic.

This is how I am collating keywords for the digital page. Basically I want every permutation from the digital list and the two lists from the generic qualifiers tab. I will end up with a list of words along the lines of: Top 10 digital PR; leading digital PR agency; etc.

Open up Notepad ++

Copy and paste the list of digital keywords list into Notepad++.
Copy the first term from the generic list. For this example, I’m only selecting “top” for now.
Return to the Notepad++ list of digital words.
Hit CTR+F to access the find and replace function.
As we are using regular expression make sure the option is highlighted.
Now in the find box search for “\n”. This will search for any new lines in the list.
Then replace this with “top” followed by a space.
Hit replace all and you should a list of words
something along the lines as below:

Top blog marketing
Top social media
Top social media advertising
Top social media blog
Top social media communication
Top social media communities

Finally tidy it up manually and you should have a list like this.

Top Digital
Top blog marketing
Top social media
Top social media advertising
Top social media blog
Top social media communication
Top social media communities

Yes it’s time consuming but you’ll get there in the end.


My love for Notepad++

I’m writing this as I’m working. Partly to keep track of what I’m doing and partly for a break from what I’m doing.

OK bit of a divergence here.

This is a diary rather than a tutorial, but hell, I’m completely against writing about the social media scene (My colleagues, and folk I follow do a much better job of it than I ever will) so I’ll persist with this quick tutorial and hopefully the one(s) still reading will benefit from it.

I didn’t bother with Yahoo Pipes in the end. I decided that Yahoo Pipes would work but having drawn a whole load of graphs about how my Pipe might work, I gave up and decided Notepad++ would be sufficient.

Notepad is probably one of the least used programmes on your computer, barring Spider Solitaire and the Tour Windows XP programme. It’s ugly as sin, it doesn’t wrap the text so you can’t read what you are writing, there’s only one font and most importantly: there’s no spell checker. It’s basically only used by those who couldn’t afford Microsoft Works or Office [I seem to recall writing school essays using it] back in the day.

Notepad++ however, is the greatest upgrade in technology since someone stuck a II on the end of Streetfighter.

Remember the first time you looked at Netvibes or Bloglines? RSS? “What’s the point?”, you were thinking right? But then when you were persuaded to use them either on the recommendation of the sweet tongue of Mr McInnes, you couldn’t believe how you functioned without it.

Notepad++ is like that. Only better because you pretend you are Dougie Howser when you are using it.

This next bit will sound complicated, but believe me, I’m probably the most ill equipped person to deal with “computers and that” never mind programming. Seriously Bryony, try it – you’ll love it.