Keyword diagram

Sketched this on the back of my notebook one day. This is the process I’m working to for now.

If it works I’ll get one of our designers to make it look a bit nicer – maybe put some pretty pictures in.




11 responses to “Keyword diagram

  1. Neat blog. Very 2006 though, but then I can talk. Could do with a bit of a facelift on my home turf 🙂

    Can we have a description or explanation please, or are we just supposed to marvel at your superior intelligence?

  2. I can’t believe you did that all by yourself, quality is so good 🙂

    Actually it is good, I’ll be ‘borrowing’ it in future

  3. @wadds @pauliea thanks for comments. My blog is shit. Sorry, but like I said it’s there purely to dump for thoughts and so I can do a bit of crowdsourcing.

    RE: the diagram, one of our designers is working on making it pretty as we speak. I’ll explain thoght process this weekend but please remember it is for PROs like ourselves not the web geeks like icrossing and bigmouthmedia.

    I’m thinking in terms of A: how we can sell this into clients and B: how i can sell this into our PROs

  4. Liking the initiative Tim. What’s the chicken scratch in the arrows?

  5. Chicken Scratch? Oh right! sorry. Willl explain on weekend. [It’s about cussing your mum]

  6. Yes Wadds, why have you got that picture of you from about 8 years ago!?

  7. @pauliea that was Wadds when he was 24 years old

  8. Hiya,

    Glad to see you blogging. Hat tip to Stephen Waddington for the blog post leading me here! 🙂

  9. This is fun, I knew your blog would be like this.

  10. Welcome to the blogosphere Tim, that’s the way I started, soon it becomes a habit

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